Today’s Salah Time

Mon Apr 6, 2020
Adhan Iqamah
Fajr 4:47am 5:45am
Sunrise 6:25am
Dhuhr 1:10pm 1:30pm
Asr 5:44pm 6:00pm
Maghrib 7:50pm 7:50pm
Isha 9:18pm 9:45pm

Jam'aat & Jummah prayers are suspended at the Masjid until further notice.

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    It was with a heavy heart that all congregational prayers, classes, activities and public events at the Masjid and Centre have been suspended with immediate effect in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

    During this difficult time, please visit our facebookpage. The posts include videos and presentations given by respected Islamic Scholars including our own Imams, Qari Sarfraz and Mufti Mohammed Yusuf Raji Al-Azhaari.

    Use the following links to visit our facebook page, videos and articles:

    Oadby Central Mosque

    Al-Isra waa’l Miraj Talk 21 March 2020

    Nawa’fil (supplemtary) prays for Shab-e-miraj

Current Timetables & Events

To download PDF copies of the timetables visit the Salaah Times page.

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