The OWMA is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity (Charity number 1108355), and has been in existence for over 15years.

Currently, we estimate the Muslim population to represent between 10-15% of the local Oadby/Wigston community, with some areas of concentration of Muslims reflecting much higher proportions. The OWMA is the representative body of the Muslims in the Oadby and Wigston area, representing the majority of the Muslim population.

In its constitution, the OWMA have spelt out the need for relaying the true message behind the peaceful religion of Islam, and 2 separate objectives highlight the value and need for a Community Centre:

  • “To actively promote and provide facilities and activities for the benefit of the local men and women, young and elderly.”
  • “To promote racial and religious harmony by engaging with the local community.”

The Oadby Community Centre consists of the Central Mosque of Oadby and Wigston (Masjid-Al-Ameen, which is the first mosque in Oadby and Wigston) and the Community Centre. These facilities are intended to be utilised by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


The Oadby Community Centre is available for hire and is an ideal venue for meetings, conferences and parties. It consists of 1 main hall and one large-sized room, which, with the help of concertina sound-proof partitioning, can be converted into 5 mid-sized rooms—each having its own supply of newly installed variable temperature controlled AC systems. In addition, there is a large fully furbished kitchen, including fridge/freezer, cooker, microwave, tea urn and a large industrial-sized double sink. Audio-visualfacilities and a PA system are also available for meetings.

These newly created facilities, coupled with ample free parking, with ready access via public transport, and close to all public amenities in the heart of Oadby town centre make this venue a compelling choice for hire.

Examples of events held at the Oadby Community Centre include:

  • Oadby Forum meetings
  • Charity events
  • Private Parties
  • Local MP’s Surgery
  • Supplementary Evening School
  • Educational Classes
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Polling Station

Despite tabloid press reports, Islam is a peaceful and harmonious religion. It strives for community cohesion, and peaceful coexistence. The OWMA fully subscribes to this mainstream view of Islam.


The OWMA has done and continues to have regular and productive dialogue with all the main community stakeholder groups, including:

  • Multi-faith group
  • Oadby Stakeholder’s Forum
  • Leicestershire County Council
  • Oadby&Wigston Borough Council
  • Local schools eg Manor High, Brookside, Beauchamp
  • Social services
  • Police
  • Primary Care Trusts
  • Other charities (eg we organised a BBQ event and collected £9000 forthe Asia earthquake appeal, and collected, in a separate event, £7500 for the Tsunami appeal. Recently, we have collected also for the Pakistan floods appeal)
OWMA is well known and respected in the Community

With the recent increase in the ethnic minority population in the Borough there is an even greater need for cohesion within the community. OWMA has established harmonious relations with all other faith groups and most other stakeholder groups in the area and continues to foster and enhance better relations with the wider community.

OWMA’s annual functions such as summer BBQ, festival celebrations, presentations and prize giving events are always well attended by members of the wider community including other faith leaders and councillors as well as the local mayor/mayoress.

The OWMA organisation is unique in that it is a regular attendee at other faith events such as the Multi-Cultural group meetings, Hanukah celebrations, Easter and Christmas celebrations, Vaisakhi and Diwali celebrations, Holocaust memorial meeting, St George’s day celebration and also attend regular meetings with other stakeholder groups (for example, the Oadby Forum, Beauchamp Stakeholders Forum, “Churches together” meetings).

Recently, OWMA has become a polling station and the centre was used by voters for the May 2014 elections.

Current Timetables & Events

To download PDF copies of the timetables visit the Salaah Times page.

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