Family life is the building block of a successful society, and marriage is an occasion of great joy. OWMA and Masjid Al Ameen provide a Nikkah service and once the ceremony is concluded a Nikkah certificate is available.

Before a Nikkah can be conducting, we need some essential information from the bride and groom and their witnesses and representative. Please complete the form below and return to the OWMA. We’ll then be able to discuss your request with you. You’ll need to allow at least 7 days from submitting a form to us before the Nikkah can be performed, subject to approval.

Marriages are solemnised according to Islamic law and are recorded in the OWMA’s register. Our imam’s are fluent in English, Arabic and Urdu.

We need the following information before Nikah can be conducted together with a fully completed nikkah application form:

  • Civil Marriage Certificate – OWMA will not issue a Nikkah Certificate unless the original Civil Marriage Certificate is produced to the person in charge
  • Preferred Date and Time of Nikkah. We’ll need at least 7 days notice and will try and accommodate your requested date and time, but can not guarantee this.
  • Birth Certificates – For the Bride and Bridegroom. If names have changed, an Original, or certified copy, the Deed Poll(s) are needed.
  • Divorcees – Decree Absolute and Talaq Documents in accordance with Shari’ah
  • Widow/Widower – Former spouses death certificate
  • Proof of identity of the bride, groom and all the witnesses, usually a passport

Please refer to a committee member for the current fees applicable for conducting Nikkah ceremonies.


If guidance is needed before and during married life, for the Islamic perspective please contact our imams. They will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the subject and offer the necessary guidance.