There will be three jama’ah for Jumu’ah until further notice.

Jumu’ah 1 : Adhan: 1:20pm | Khutba: 1:30pm
Jumu’ah 2 : Adhan: 2:20pm | Khutba: 2:30pm
Jumu’ah 3 : Adhan: 4:20pm | Khutba: 4:30pm

    • There will be no lecture.
    • Read your sunnah and nawafil at home Doors will open 15 minutes before adhan
    • We’re currently limited to 50 people per jam’aat on a first come, first served basis.
    • There are no wudhu or toilet facilities. Form an orderly queue as per the signage and maintain social distancing.
    • Bring your own musalla, face covering and shoe bag otherwise we will refuse entry.
    • Always act on the volunteers instructions and follow the one way system
    • Please take time to read the guidance sheet and help us to help you.
NHS Track & Track

All attendees will be required to come with their name, phone number and email address on a slip of paper. Please deposit this on the box as you enter. Your data is collected for NHS Track and Trace purposes only. It will not be shared nor held for more than 21 days after visit.

Jumu’ah Registration